Our Unique Advantages

Our Real Estate Licensing School
Our in-house licensing school, under the direction of Mr.Tim Rush, has produced thousands of new licensees in it's 34 year history. Sit in on one of our classes and you'll see why...

Tim Rush, Instructor

With decades of teaching and training under his belt, he is regarded as one of the finest in the industry. We will assist you in preparing for the exam, including applying for a test date. Classes are upbeat, informative, designed to give you exactly what you need to know to pass the exam. Courses include practice exams, quizzes and unlimited access to classes.

In addition, a "Weekend Crash Course" is available at numerous locations. This course is all day Saturday & Sunday and will give you a brush-up to sharpen your test taking ability. Special memory techniques as well as Mr. Wick's famous "Math Made Exam" are included in the 2 day session.

Call or E-Mail Bonnie Murray at (562) 860-2625 x205 for a complimentary guest pass to check out the class for yourself.